Sammie loves her coffee in the morning with a dash of milk or cream. She’d forgotten to get a backup bottle the day before and the bottle in the fridge smelled a bit off. She couldn’t find any cream in the fridge either and hates to drink her coffee black. Lactating LesbianAs she grabbed for her car keys, she thought of an alternative – her own milk. She laughed to herself when the idea crossed her mind, surprised she’d never considered it before. She sat at the breakfast bar and removed her shirt and bra. Unknown to her, her neighbor was eyeing her off through the window of his own kitchen, surprised to get such a convenient and appealing view this early in the morning.

She bent over her cup and squeezed her nipple, pulling it to lactate into her drink. Suddenly the milk sprayed everywhere including into the cup. There was milk all over the counter as she deduced there could be a less messy way of getting her milk into the coffee cup. She had two options: breast pump, or suck it out herself. She lifted up one of her breasts and pulled the nipple towards her mouth. After sucking down for a few seconds she decided it would be the least comfortable of the two options and sighed, dropping her breast back down. Her neighbor watched with excitement as her topless body move around her kitchen, giving him a full view of her huge jugs dribbling milk.

Sammie walked to one of the drawers and pulled out her manual breast pump, then returned to her chair at the breakfast bar. She placed the pump over her nipple to engulf her areola and made a suction cup around it. She squeezed the rubber bulb and watched her nipple get pulled forward from the pressure. She squeezed again and watched as the milk started sprinkling down the clear sides of the pump. She lifted up her other breast while the milk sprayed out of the one with the pump and licked her dribbling nipple, still unaware her neighbor was staring out his window, fogging up the glass. Lactating into her breast pump appeared to be giving her pleasure from where he was standing with his hand in his pants and his mouth unconsciously hanging open.

After a few minutes of pumping there was more than enough milk ready for her cooling coffee. Still half naked, she removed the pump and poured her warm, fresh milk into her coffee cup. She stirred it with a teaspoon and took a sip, happy with the taste. Her neighbor let out a “holy shit” without taking into account how close their buildings were and caught Sammie’s attention. She first looked completely shocked and a little embarrassed, then slid her bra back on and did up two buttons on her shirt before walking to the window across from where her neighbor still nervously stood, acknowledging he’d been caught out.
“I’m sorry you had to see that… I just ran out of cream… I hate black coffee.” Sammie smiled and explained casually, as if it was what people were supposed to do when they ran out of cream or milk. Her neighbor didn’t know how to respond and just nodded in agreeing with her interesting logic, his mouth still slightly open.

Breast Milk in Coffee
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