It has been a while since I wrote and posted lactation stories here. I know many of you are interested in reading lactating stories with hot lactation fantasies. But I wanted post a lactation story along with a lactating video which will complement the story. So here is the first lactating story for all those love to read erotic stories.

Busty Black Lactating :- Lactating Story

Mya slowly massaged her big milky tits and rubbed the swollen nipples. With her baby recently popped out, Mya was looking for some kinky sexual fun she could have with her boyfriend. She was getting dressed after a shower when he came into the bedroom and started watching her dress. Mya had her skirt on and was about to clip on her bra when she felt her huge left breast lactate a little. She looked down at the warm liquid dribbling out of her nipple and sighed as she reached for a nipple pad on the dresser. Charlie, her boyfriend, saw the opportunity and asked if he could help her ‘clean up her breast’.

Black LactatingHe wiped his finger across her dark areola and licked the milk off it. Mya was a little shocked he’d considered trying her breast milk and jokingly squeezed her nipples straight at him, the milk squirting out at different angles all over her boyfriend’s shirt and over his shoulder. She laughed with full humor as Charles shook his head patiently and removed his shirt. They were both now half naked and grinning at each other. Charles grabbed one of her breasts with his hand and sucked on her nipple hard. He swallowed as Mya lactated into his mouth.

As he was swapping his mouth between her tits, Mya pushed him back and down towards the floor. She knelt over him like she was about to shove his dick up her skirt but she had other plans. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, keeping him off guard, then sat up and lactated onto his chest. His mouth dropped open after her unexpected action, so Mya aimed at his mouth too, giggling while she sprayed his face with warm milk. She sat up again, dribbling milk on his chest with a big smile on her face when another idea came to mind. She bent down and licked the milk off his skin. His nipples went hard as she lapped up the cooling milk over the top of them. Mya loved his response so proceeded south for his pants.

Unzipping his pants and pulling them down to his knees took almost no effort, and his cock being mostly hard made her aim easier too. Mya wanted to taste a milky cock. She sprayed her milk towards his groin, watching it seep down his shaft. She put her head down and swallowed his rod, deep-throating it all the way to the base. Charles let out a gasp as she sucked it harder, swallowing when she got to his head again.
“That tastes great!” She reported before squirting some more and continuing on with her well-skilled blowjob. Her nipples were still lactating on his leg as her boobs bounced with each downward movement of her mouth.

She munched down on his man-meat even more spirited than normal and before long Charles’ cock was starting to throb. Mya hadn’t swallowed since she last started sucking on his knob, letting the warm milk stay in her mouth until Charles was ready to jizz. As the cum started filling her mouth, it mixed with her milk before she swallowed, tasting the sticky combination. She sat up, almost bewildered and looked at Charles with a dirty grin and said, “We’ll have to do that again… yum!”
See Charles Sucking her Milky Nipples like a Hungry Cat! – Download the Video Here

Lactating Stories
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