Milky Melons

Big milky melons splashing breast milk in air!Milky Melons Do you remember the squirting tits picture I posted at the beginning of this year? I know many of you loved that lactating wife spraying her milk. Well that was just a beginning of what is going to follow. Here is a hot lactating Latina babe on the top of mountain with milky melons exposed. She was with her friends who also happen have big yummy tits. When they reached on the top of the mountain the camera man asked them to reveal their big mounts. And this hot lactating Latina girl not only exposed her milky tits but also squeezed her nipples to spray fresh breast milk all over the place.
I would have gladly placed my face in front of her big melons with an open mouth. 😉 Check out the picture guys.

Lactating Lesbians Video

If you go through the collection lactating videos here you will find video clips of lactating lesbians here. I know those video clips are not very clear. But I though there won’t many people interested in lactating lesbians. After all we men love sucking on milky tits. So I though you guys will more interested in watching a man sucking on milky boobs. I guess I was wrong. There are lot lactation fetish lovers who would love to see two lactating women playing each other sucking and squirting their breast milk. That’s why I brought this hot lactating lesbian sex video for you guys and gals. Check it out.
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You can download the full video here from Sexy Lactation. Enjoy mommy’s milky breasts guys. 😉

Forced Lactation

Hope all of you lactating fetish lovers had a yummy milky new year eve. Did you guys like the squirting tits picture I posted to welcome 2009? Hope you guys liked it. forced-lactation.jpg
Now, lets watch something more kinky. Earlier last year when I have posted the forced milking picture a friend of mine pointed out that, it is not real bondage stuff. Those of who are more into BDSM and bondage fetish love to watch the girl’s milky boobs tied up and squeezed hard. Well here is real forced lactation movie. See this Asian lactating babe getting her milky tits tied-up. Watch the dude forcing milk out of her breasts and collecting the fresh breast milk into a glass. Check out the five free forced lactation video clips by clicking on the picture.

Squirting Tits

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, 2009. May god bless all the lactation lovers with more milk and boobs. 😀
I thought we will start the year 2009 with a splash of milk and I think I found a perfect milk squirting tits to show yo guys. Check out this sexy wife and her milky tits. See her squirting tits to spray the milk all over the place. I would love keep my face in front of her lactating tits while she squirt her breast milk all over my face. Well, I might also taste some of those milk and I don’t think I would be able to resist my temptation to suck on her beautiful squirting nipples. How about you?

Blonde Milky Nipples

How are you guys doing? Milking Nipples I got couple of our friends sending us emails saying they couldn’t get a good look at lactating nipples of blonde babe we posted during our last update. Sorry to disappoint you guys! But here at, I don’t want to disappoint any of the lactating fetish lovers. So, here is what you wanted to see. Check out this close picture of the sexy blonde babe’s milky nipples. Her perfect blonde tits are mouth watering. I just wish my girl friend had such nice tits. 😀
Now go ahead and check out the perfect blonde tits and the fresh breast milk oozing out of her erect nipples.

Milky Blonde Tits

Here is hot blonde with yummy milky tits. 23.jpg You have seen a busty redhead babe in our last update. Now let’s check out this hot blonde tits. And unlike the redhead babe this sexy babe got big blonde tits full of mouth watering breast milk.
See her milking her boobs with a breast pump. What a waste! I would have gladly sucked on her blonde nipples and drank all those tit milk. 😉 I wish next time she would call me before she starts milking her breasts. By the way if you any of you ladies need a helping hand (and a sucking mouth) in milking breasts I would be glad to help. 😀
Now you guys go and check out this big blonde tits while I go on my hunt for new lactating tits.

Big Tits Beauty

Many of the lactation fetish lovers also like big boobs. big-beautiful-tits.jpgI know because I love beautiful big tits babes. That’s the reason occasionally I talk about sexy babes with big beautiful tits here at, though we lactation lovers are more interested in milky tits like this.
Meet Merilyn Sakova, a stunning busty beauty with a pair of mouth watering big beautiful tits. I saw her naked photos and big tits videos from Score Videos. The sparkling blue eyes and huge boobs of Merilyn really caught my attention. Though Karin Hart is more popular among big tits lovers at score videos, I thought Merilyn is hotter. I guess I didn’t like the big belly of Karina. I liked her big boobies though. 😉 Anyway, here is a collection of Merilyn’s big tits photos for you. Enjoy them.
By the way more lactating tits are on their way. The next update is going to be filled with some juicy milky breasts.

Asian Lactation

In my never ending quest for lactating tits I have found that recently there were lot Asian lactating movies appeared online. Lot of these movies turned out to be from Japan. asian-lactation.jpgSo you really can’t understand the conversation between these cute Asian lactating girls and the men unless you know the Japanese language (of course!). Initially I found these movies at this large Asian DVD site, but I didn’t mention it here at Lactating because majority of their DVDs belong to other categories like hardcore stuff. And we lactation lovers love to watch big milky tits and not from the men. lol! 😉 Don’t you agree with me?
Anyway now there is a site dedicated to Asian pregnant and lactating women lovers. So you don’t have to search through all those extreme stuff to find milky boobs. Instead you directly head to Asian Prego and watch the DVDs. But I must warn you that, it is a paid membership site and most of the lactating girls in the Asian lactation videos are pregnant. So if you like watch hot videos of cute Asian and Japanese pregnant girls, then go for it.
If you are into lactating but not pregnant type of movies then I strongly recommend you to check out Lactation Fantasy.

Breastfeeding Video. Boy Sucking Lactating Breasts

When did your mom stop breastfeeding you? Do you remember how you felt sucking on mommy’s milky breasts? I am sure most of us have stopped sucking mom’s lactating nipples at a very young age, long before you start memorizing events in your life. But I bet many of us have secretly wished if we suck on mom’s breasts again. 😉 Well, not all of us are fortunate like this boy in the breastfeeding video below. Check it out. I am sure; as a lactating sex fan, this is going to be one of the best breastfeeding video you have ever seen.

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It’s a slightly long video. So please be patient and allow the breastfeeding video to load. Watch the lucky guy sucking on those huge milky tits of two sexy lactating mothers. Damn… I wish I could suckle on milky boobs like those milky melons when I was at his age. 😀

Milking Mommy

Have you ever seen your mommy lactating? I have watched my best friends mommy milking her tits. His mommy got massive milky melons just like these huge lactating tits. Milking MommyThinking of her boobs, I got really horny and went in search of pictures and videos of milking moms. And here is what I found. Check out June Kelly the mommy with big boobs full of milk. Damn… I am getting sooooo… thirsty and horny. Mom I want to suck on your titties and drink all the milk.
What are you waiting for. Go ahead and click on the thumbnail picture to see the scenes captured from the hot lactating video where this big tit mom is milking her boobs for all the milk hungry guys. Get your share of Mommy’s milky tits… 😉