On a Friday even when Allen reached back home after a tiring days hard work, his busty girl friend Brittany welcomed him with a sexy smile.Breast Milk Ever since she is knocked-up Brittany is incredibly horny and her big milky tits already started oozing milk, longing for someone to suck on them. But Allen was too tired and he needed a glass of milk and some rest. And this busty blonde babe knew what exactly she has to do to get Allen is the right fucking mood. Watch the Brittany milking her big lactating boobs using a breast pump. She then poured her fresh breast milk into a cup served to Allen. Guess what…
Allen got an instant boner as soon as he figured out it was her breast milk and he was on his way to suck on her big milky tits right there. See all the full length HD video at lactation fantasy.

By the way what do you think of this blonde lactating babe? Do you think she is hotter than Anastasia, the sexy lactating girl?

A Cup of Breast Milk
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